Ten points of anti-robbing

1. Change the backpack to oblique span

Many people are accustomed to shoulder bags. The method of changing the shoulder bag from straight to oblique can greatly increase the difficulty of the criminals.

2. Avoid walking on overly secluded roads

Regardless of day or night, citizens should try to avoid walking on overly secluded roads. It is really unavoidable, it is best to go together, and pay attention to observe the surrounding dynamics when passing a secluded road section, and pass quickly.

3. Inside the sidewalk

Citizens should not use motor vehicle lanes when walking, but walk sidewalks and walk as far as possible.

4. Try not to expose your finances in public

The public should avoid wearing eye-catching jewelry as much as possible to avoid being noticed by criminals. At the same time, try not to count large amounts of cash in public places.

5. It is best to go with two people when saving money

When people go to banks, post offices and other places to deposit, withdraw, and send large amounts of cash, it is best to go with them.

6. Don't put expensive money in the tail box of the motorcycle

Do not put bags and bags containing valuables and debts in the trunk of the motorcycle. At the same time, citizens who ride bicycles should also be careful not to hang bags on the front armrests.

7. When encountering a "bumper car" gang, calmly deal with it

Citizens who drive should deal calmly when they encounter a "bumper car" gang. In a similar situation, the public should calmly observe the surrounding dynamics and do not get off easily. If an abnormality is found, immediately call a friend or dial 110 to call the police directly.

8. Do not divulge your information in public

Citizens are not allowed to drink drinks handed by strangers when they are taking public transportation such as trains, cars, or in public places with large numbers of people, and do not lend their mobile phones to strangers at will. people.

Nine, don't meet casually with netizens

Pay attention to the interaction between citizens and netizens. Don't just meet the first-time netizens alone. After understanding the details of netizens, then consider a separate exchange.

10. When you encounter a robber, call for help and dial 110

In the event that a citizen encounters a robber, he should call out for help bravely to attract the attention of pedestrians or vehicles passing by and deter criminals. At the same time, you should take note of the physical characteristics of the robber, the model and color of the vehicle used for the crime, and immediately dial 110 to call the police

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