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With the development of the domestic market, rubber wood has been more and more widely used in the production of high-grade furniture. Especially in the actual market, rubber wood has become the market leader with its cost performance and quality. What are the rubber wood furniture? How can I buy good rubber wood furniture?

The superiority of rubber wood furniture
1, rubber wood itself is not a precious wood, is the old wood, glue cut from Nanyang's glue water to make farmers into building materials and furniture, the growth cycle is not long, generally can be made for ten years, a wide range of wood sources, so rubber wood furniture The price is not expensive.

2, rubber wood furniture is also not easy to crack in dry areas in the north, easy maintenance.

3. Rubber wood is more malleable in the production of furniture. Suitable for making soft mold curves for furniture products.

4, rubber wood solid wood, rubber wood furniture, beautiful texture, uniform texture.

5, rubber wood color is light, easy to change color, can accept a variety of colors and coatings. It matches well with the tonal tone of various woods and paints and coatings perform well.

6, rubber wood wear resistance is good, the production of furniture, durable table, good hardness, high natural strength, good wear resistance, especially suitable for stairs, floors, tables, tables and so on.

Defects in rubber wood furniture
1, rubber wood smell, due to more sugar, discoloration, rot and insects.

2, rubber wood is not easy to dry, easy to bend deformation, easy to wood processing, sheet metal processing easily deformed.

3. Rubberwood is a tropical tree species, and it is one of the poorer tree species in terms of hardness, texture, and texture.

Rubber wood furniture procurement and procurement technology
First of all, the carefully depicted furniture is not black oak thick, such as furniture, painted with dark (commonly known as water). Therefore, if you buy a dark oak furniture, you must be careful. It is best to look carefully at the furniture without applying dark wood (such as furniture or wooden insoles). As for wood furniture, there is no unique fineness of oak furniture.
Two. Clearer wood grain, oak furniture is more unique wood grain, clear wood grain, the higher the value. It is a kind of beauty that involves the aesthetic and aesthetic purchasing level. But one thing is certain: Like rain-like stones, better patterns and hieroglyphs with natural patterns on the surface are closer to the truth of the world and the higher the value. Wooden furniture does not have a unique tree of oak furniture.

Third, the best episode of the oak furniture color type oak furniture best drama color type, due to the characteristics of the production method can best reflect the oak color, the surface coating does not change or hide the original color of the wood, but also easier to identify whether it is True oak furniture, and the current international are also the most valuable collections. At present, there are many oak furniture on the market, which will undoubtedly reduce its collection value. Most of the poor quality products are wood color, even spots and dark spots.

Fourth, to see if the oak furniture moisture is because the oak texture is particularly hard, so it is difficult to remove the water in the trees. There are many furniture companies eager to profit, when the wood is dry, then the production of furniture and water has not yet taken off the net of solid wood furniture, about a year or so before the deformation began. At this time, it can be difficult for consumers to obtain compensation for losses.

5. The wood has been deformed because in the process of dehydration, the oak is easy to take shape, so after dehydration of many oaks, bending deformation is no longer suitable for furniture materials. However, because oak is more expensive, many manufacturers still use this deformed wood for furniture. Some manufacturers, in order to increase the weight of hardwood in the south, faked oak and deliberately did not dry. If consumers buy furniture made of wood, the loss will be even greater.

six. The heavier the oak furniture, the heavier the weight of the oak furniture, the greater the weight under the dry wood.

Seventh, the current production is very good. The production level of oak furniture in the market is very different, some are very beautiful, some are very rough, and it is also one of the references for the identification of oak furniture.

Summary: The above are the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaobian's introduction. The content of rubber wood furniture hopes to help you effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood furniture
How Good Rubber Wood Houses Rubber wood furniture is made from the trunk of rubber wood, the main body of rubber wood, and rubber wood is a plant that can produce rubber latex. Rubber wood is the raw material for making glue. But we can also make furniture from the trunk of the old rubber tree, that is, rubber wood furniture that you see on the market today. Rubber wood is precious and scarce wood, so the market price is not very expensive, because there are many sources of wood raw materials, the price is more suitable for ordinary people to spend, then rubber wood furniture is good, rubber wood furniture is toxic, you can Do you have furniture made of rubber wood? Maybe many people have these problems, but don't worry. Let us now understand the answer.

Rubber Wood Furniture - Introduction
With the development of the furniture market, rubber wood has been widely used in the production of high-end furniture. Especially in the solid wood furniture market, rubber wood has become the market leader with its cost-effectiveness and quality. It is important to understand the origin of rubber wood furniture.

Rubber wood furniture is very good.

1. Rubber wood furniture. Features
Is rubber wood furniture durable and look at its characteristics. Made of rubber wood furniture is easy to contain more sugar and is not easily removed, easily discolourable, rotted and insect moths. However, the anti-corrosion and dry-processed sheet has many advantages due to its elegant color, beautiful texture, fine structure and good processing performance. And many of your country's introductions.

2. Rubber and wooden furniture. Advantages
Advantages and Hardness of Rubber Wood Furniture
As a high-quality furniture production material, rubber wood has many advantages. For example, its hardness is very good, and natural rubber wood furniture has a very hard material. This hardness has a good carrying capacity. Therefore, rubber wood is often used to make furniture products such as squat floors, floors, tables, and countertops. Secondly, even if the use of special wear-resistant rubber wood, for many years, it can maintain a smooth texture of the new, which in many furniture production materials is a particularly prominent advantage, therefore, the advantages of hardness and wear-resistant rubber wood furniture most cited Disadvantages of people's attention.

The superiority of rubber wood furniture
In general, rubber wood itself has a very light color, natural light color is not very beautiful, and easy processing, easy to color, can accept all types of paint and dye color, if the rubber wood furniture products are more beautiful, we Materials that can be selected and matched in color are processed like rubber wood. At the same time, if we exceed the use of our furniture products, rubber wood materials, we only need to process the rubber wood into furniture materials in combination with the color type. This is because rubber wood is a particularly good color, so the production of rubber wood furniture is very simple .

The superiority of rubber wood furniture
The products of the three-inch liumiki furniture and rubber wood furniture also have natural colors and textures. The shape of the texture is like a hill, so we also call it a gable line and evenly distributed lines. It looks very natural, beautiful and has a good texture. As a choice of high-end furniture materials, the rubber wood home has a very eye-catching sense of solidity, a dignified and mahogany furniture with comparable mahogany furniture, but the price is so much better than mahogany home. From this perspective, rubber The advantages and disadvantages of wood furniture, which is an inventory of the advantages of rubber wood furniture.

Advantages of rubber wood furniture
I believe that few people will care about the taste of a piece of furniture, but also for individual consumers or the taste of solid wood furniture products, such as rubber wood furniture products, we really, rubber wood furniture products will have some rubber taste, Secondly, rubber xylose material is easily changed, moths, control effect is not obvious, easy to crack in dry environment, advantages and disadvantages, rubber wood furniture is now in stock, this is the only minor drawback, I collected, general rubber wood Furniture products are worth buying!

Rubber wood furniture has the advantage of strong plasticity.

Strong special plastic rubber wood, can be made into any shape, soft furniture product line, at the same time, it can also be used as our furniture products, decorative materials, rubber wood after anti-corrosion treatment, as furniture, elegant, delicate, natural texture , Beautiful colors, good structure, so pay attention to the decorative effect of wooden furniture manufacturing structure is optimistic, therefore, rubber wood has been more and more used in the furniture industry, usually used as high-grade wood. Secondly, the growth period of rubber wood is very short and it can grow in ten years, so when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood furniture, we must mention its advantages in this area.

Defects in rubber wood furniture
1. Rubber wood is a tropical tree species, and it is one of the poorest species in terms of hardness, texture, and texture.

2, rubber wood has odor, due to more sugar content, discoloration, decay, insects, not easy to dry, not wear, easy to crack, easy to bend deformation, easy processing of wood, and the sheet metal processing is easily deformed.

III. Rubber Wood Furniture Material Differences
Learn about the durability of oak furniture and determine the material differences. Oak and rubber wood are different, although there is only one word difference, higher grades of oak, solid quality of texture, strong structure of finished products, and longer years. It is suitable for European furniture, Chinese classical furniture. Rubber wood is a species of tropical tree, regardless of hardness, texture, texture, and performance of the worst species. So these two differences are very large.

Rubber Wood Furniture - Repair
Rubber wood furniture is durable, maintenance and maintenance focus, although in general, rubber wood furniture life is relatively long, but its paint surface is easy to fade. Therefore, the furniture must be waxed frequently, and the indoor temperature is also an important issue that determines the durability of the furniture. In general, direct exposure to sunlight is avoided as much as possible. Therefore, strong ultraviolet light is also one of the reasons for furniture discoloration.

Editor's note: The advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood furniture and rubber wood furniture are introduced. Rubber wood is a plant that produces rubber latex in subtropical areas. So some people call it Thai Oak and Southeast Asian Oak. Rubber wood is not a precious rare wood, so the market price is not very expensive. People can choose their favorite furniture according to their own preferences and actual conditions.

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