Tips: How many categories of eye-face protection products are commonly used in industry?

Eye and face protection products are used to protect some high-speed particle impact, heavy objects, and smoke, dust, metal sparks and flying debris, heat, electromagnetic radiation, laser, chemical splash and other factors, personal protection products that injure eyes and face.

For eye and face protection, we should pay special attention. For those who work in dangerous industries, eye protection products should be provided to prevent injury to the eyes and face when accidents occur.

How many categories of facial protection products are commonly used in industry?

There are many types of eye protection products. According to the protection function, they can be roughly classified into the following types:

One, shading goggles

Light-shielding goggles mainly prevent infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and intense visible light from high temperature damage to the eyes. They are used for welding, cutting, furnaces, glass melting, and other types of skis, as well as skiers, seafarers, and drivers who are often exposed to strong sunlight. For traffic commanders, scientific and medical personnel engaged in infrared and ultraviolet radiation operations should also use such eye protectors.

The main products of this type of glasses include: welding goggles, a furnace kiln goggles, anti-microwave goggles, laser goggles, radiation goggles and so on.

Second, anti-impact eye protectors

Anti-impact eye protector is a kind of protective equipment that can prevent metal debris, sediment, gravel, dust and other foreign materials from entering the eyes and cause injury, including three types of impact-proof glasses, impact-resistant eye masks and impact-resistant masks. Eye masks and face masks not only prevent shock but also prevent liquid splashes from hurting the eyes.

Common products include:

1. Plexiglass Impact Glasses (Eyewear): This type of eye protector has high transparency, toughness, elasticity, low temperature resistance, light weight, and ten times higher impact strength than ordinary glass. However, high temperature and poor wear resistance. Mainly used for metal cutting, metal polishing, forging work, grinding metal or stone and other workplaces.

2, steel double yarn external net protective glasses: suitable for metal cutting, crushed material workplaces, but should not be used in high temperature and electric shock hazards.

3, tempered glass square impact glasses (eye mask): can withstand greater impact, even if the crack does not produce debris, its optical properties do not change.

4. Eye protectors made of other materials: There are aluminum eye masks and eye masks and face masks made of 16-gauge green wire gauze. It can be applied to construction, road building, rock drilling, blasting and other operations.

Third, welding protective mask

The welding protective mask is composed of observation window, filter, protective sheet and mask, and has various forms, such as a head-mounted type, a hand-held type, a half-mask type, a full-face mask type, and the like, and is suitable for a welding operation with heat radiation. The mask material must be made of a non-conductive material that is resistant to high and low temperatures, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, flame resistance, and a certain degree of strength and opacity.

The main products include: hand-held welding masks, head-mounted welding masks, helmet-type welding masks, and light-control welding masks.

Fourth, furnace heat radiation mask

Furnace heat radiation mask consists of face mask and headband. According to the style can be divided into: head-mounted radiant radiation masks, helmets and radiating radiation mask connection type, hood-type heat mask.

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