What color kitchen floor tiles kitchen floor color matching techniques and notes

The decoration of the kitchen is very important for the entire home because it affects the overall decoration effect to a certain extent. The most important thing for kitchen decoration is the kitchen floor color matching skills. The choice of color of the floor tiles is a very difficult thing for us. In fact, the matching of floor tiles is not a very difficult thing, as long as we understand certain floor color matching skills. The kitchen floor decoration needs to pay attention to cleaning and safety, so when choosing the color of the floor tiles, it is best to be monotonous in color, lighter, and the material should have anti-slip function. Here I will come to understand the color matching skills and precautions of the kitchen floor tiles. It!

First, kitchen floor color matching

One of the examples of kitchen floor color matching: black and white kitchen

Now many of my friends are very fond of simple and elegant European style decoration, so in the renovation of the house, they will choose to use this style for decoration. This style of house is more suitable to use black or gray as the main color. Mainly because black and white can create a very strong visual effect, and then into the gray, you can greatly ease the impact of black and white. The black-and-white kitchen tiles look very distinctive and have a very mature atmosphere.

The white-keyed kitchen presents a clean and bright feeling. Using black and gray kitchen utensils can create a pure and calm effect, while the black and white color of kitchen tiles is more suitable for people who like quiet and clean. .


Example of Kitchen Floor Tile Color Matching: Calm Cool Kitchen

Because the kitchen is often in a state of high temperature, it is necessary to choose a cool color when it comes to kitchen floor tiles. The main reason is that cool colors can give people a cool, comfortable psychological response. Therefore, in the selection of floor tiles, it is best to use cool-colored floor tiles. In addition, the kitchen is a place that is prone to dirt, so when choosing the color of the kitchen floor tile, you must not choose white or light color.

Personally think that the more suitable kitchen floor tiles are dark blue, mainly because such floor tiles are not easy to be dirty, and the blue color will give people a feeling of peace of mind. For us who are living more and more busy, blue is the best color to adjust mood.

Example of Kitchen Floor Tile Color Matching: Warm and Vibrant Kitchen

Warm kitchens often require extra care in the selection of kitchen floor tiles. The main reason is that kitchens are inherently high-temperature environments, and warm colors, as the name suggests, can give people a warm feeling. If we choose kitchen tiles that are too bright, it will give people a very depressed feeling. In the color matching of the kitchen floor tiles, accidentally, it will be self-defeating, giving people a sense of visual confusion.


Second, the kitchen floor tiles color matters needing attention

The current specifications of the kitchen floor tiles are mainly 300*300 and 330*330. The specifications should not be too large. Too large a level of the ground is not good to level, and it is not easy to install a floor drain. The material is best made of matt non-slip glazed tiles to prevent The water in the soup in the kitchen made the floor slippery and it was a matter of safety. Therefore, it is the first place to choose non-slip floor tiles.

Editor's summary: The above is a description of kitchen floor tiles, kitchen floor tiles, color matching techniques and precautions. In fact, the color matching of kitchen floor tiles is not very difficult. As long as the color of floor tiles is reasonable, you can decorate a beautiful kitchen and let you Cooking is easier, and a smooth surface will reduce cleaning problems.

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