Washbasin installation height is generally how much washbasin installation precautions

The washbasin is a must for the bathroom. How can we use the washbasin so that it is convenient and comfortable to use? Here we introduce: Washbasin installation height and installation precautions.

1 washbasin installation height is generally how much

When the face is washed, once water is splashed on the body, this is the most troublesome thing, and it is also our most uncomfortable point. In general, the washbasin installation has a standard height, the water flow intensity of the washbasin faucet and the depth of the washbasin should be proportional, that is to say, the radian of the washbasin is very deep, but it is also possible to install a water-flow faucet, Remember not to install thick water faucets above the sink basin, so that when used, it's easy to splash water on the body. In addition, the bottom of the washbasin should have enough capacity, not too flat but not too deep, otherwise it will cause water accumulation. General washbasin installation height is about 80cm from the ground.

2 common washbasin installation height

Different washbasins for different bathroom decoration, there are many factors, depending on the general situation, ordinary washbasin installation, are required to measure the height of the washbasin installation in accordance with the height of the home owner. Therefore, the height of the washbasin installed by each household is not uniform, but for the moment, most of the washbasin installation height is 80cm from the ground, or about 85cm. The main factor that determines the height of the washbasin installation depends on the consumer's own habits. The height of 80cm is the height that experienced consumers have installed.

3 column washbasin installation height

People who often visit the building materials and sanitary ware market have seen a variety of washbasin styles. The shape and shape rules are different. There are two types of pillars and countertops. Their installation methods are also determined according to different styles of washbasins. The general column-type washbasin is also a favorite of most consumers. How large is the installation height of the column-type washbasin? According to the user's habits and the user's height as a reference, the installation height of the column-type washbasin is preferably about 80cm to 90cm. If it is too high, the height of the washbasin can be adjusted to about 70cm to 80cm.


4 Installation Notes Attention point (1): Space decision form

Washbasins are roughly divided into two types, freestanding and desktop. The stand-alone style is beautiful, the floor area is small, and it is easy to maintain. It is suitable for the bathroom with little space. However, it needs a mirror box or a washstand in order to use the space above the pool to place some toiletries and cosmetics. The tabletop sink should occupy at least a small desk space. Its countertops can be equipped with toiletries, and the following cupboards can also be used as miscellaneous items. If the bathroom area is not large, consider installing a triangular washbasin at the corner of the wall. Above the pool, you can hang a triangular rack to store detergent.

Note point (2): depth is proportional to intensity

Water splashes on the body, which is probably the most uncomfortable point for consumers. Conventionally, the depth of the washbasin is directly proportional to the strength of the faucet installed on the faucet, i.e., the deep tank can be installed with a strong flow faucet. Don't install thick faucets on shallower sinks at the bottom. This can cause people to splash on water. The bottom of the pool should have enough curvature, not too flat, otherwise the water will accumulate in it.

Attention point (3): Height

Whether it is a free-standing or desktop washbasin, the height of the pool surface or countertop should be 80 to 85 centimeters, because too short a pool can cause back pain.

Attention point (4): Finish

The poolside of the washbasin must be slightly above the countertop, but it must be smooth when it meets the countertop. The purpose is to prevent the water splashed on the countertop from being pushed back into the pool unimpeded and to facilitate the cleaning of the countertop. The surface itself must be made of smooth material, and the edges and corners must be rounded to avoid bumping. The finish of the washbasin itself is also very important. The surface of the pool with high finish makes it difficult for the sundries in the water to adhere to the surface, and the number of scrubs is relatively reduced.


Editor's summary: Washbasin installation height and washbasin installation and installation notes on the introduction, I hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to this site.

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