Five steps to finish the renovation of the floor

Years ago, the floor of the house was a little worn and it was time to refurbish it. This refurbishment can be done in one or two times. The food should be eaten one by one and the floor refurbished step by step. However, this step is not much, five steps can be.

Step one: floor sanding

The first step in the renovation of the floor is to remove 1-2 mm of the surface layer of the lacquer layer on the surface of the old floor. Large floor retreading machinery is required and more dust will be generated. If the site is refurbished, protective measures must be taken. Sand the sand 40 times, 80 mesh, and 120 mesh, respectively, three times to ensure that the polished floor surface is smooth and smooth. The larger the number of sandpaper meshes, the smaller the particles and the less noticeable the scratches left after polishing.

Step two: putty knife coating

After the floor is polished, the surface is smooth, but it is not necessarily smooth. It is necessary to shave the putty to level the floor. You can use a special transparent primer putty for use with floor paint, apply a layer of putty on the polished floor, apply evenly, and wait to dry.

Step 3: Primer color

After the floor is painted and putty, you need to do primer or color treatment. After the floor has been polished and putty put, the depth of the color will be inconsistent, but since the floor texture of the solid wood surface is natural, the color cannot be changed, just adjust the depth of the floor color to make it consistent.

Step 4: Top coat

After the color is finished, you can brush the finish after waiting for the primer to dry. The first time the paint is dry, grind it with sandpaper again to make the floor surface have a slightly rough effect. Blow off the dust on the surface and brush the second layer of paint.

Step 5: Polishing and Waxing

After polishing the floor and finishing the finish, the final step is polishing and waxing the maintenance work. Use special floor wax to smear on the floor to ensure that you don't drop the floor in every corner. Daily care should also be taken to the floor to prevent sharp objects from damaging the floor.

Floor maintenance experience exchange home knowledge

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