Wear-resistant ceramic pipe types and their characteristics

Wear-resistant ceramic tube full name of cermet lined composite pipe. Wear-resistant ceramic tubes are produced using high-tech production technology - self-propagating high-temperature clutch synthesis. The tube is composed of corundum ceramics, transition layers and steel layers from the inside to the outside. The ceramic layer is a compact corundum porcelain (AL2O3) formed at a temperature of over 2200°C, and forms a solid bond with the steel tube through the transition layer. So, what types of wear-resistant ceramic pipe , what are the characteristics? Here is a look along with Xiaobian!

Wear-resistant ceramic pipe types

1, centrifugal casting composite ceramic pipe

Centrifugal cast composite ceramic pipe is a composite pipe manufactured using "self-propagating high-temperature synthesis - high-speed centrifugal technology", which forms a uniform, dense and smooth surface ceramic layer and transition layer at high temperature and high speed.

2, SMD wear-resistant ceramic pipe

SMT wear-resistant ceramic pipe is a high-temperature resistant viscose aluminum oxide ceramic paste on the inner wall of the pipe, after heating and curing to form a solid anti-wear layer. The production process is simple and the cost is high. The use temperature cannot generally exceed 100 degrees, not suitable for the pipeline.

3, spot welding installed wear-resistant ceramic pipe

The spot welding type wear-resisting ceramic pipe is used to glue the middle alumina ceramic piece with holes in the inner wall of the pipe with a high-temperature resistant viscose glue, and at the same time, the spot welding process is used to firmly weld the ceramic to the inner wall of the steel pipe through the small hole. To protect the solder joints, turn on the ceramic cap. Each piece of tile is not only pressed into each other, but also each piece of porcelain forms a trapezoidal angle so that the porcelain pieces are tightly connected with each other without any gap. When the last piece of a circle is tightly embedded, the ceramic pieces form a 360° mechanical connection between them. Locking force (this technique was used in Chinese bridge construction engineering centuries ago). The production process of this kind of product is relatively complicated, the production cycle is long and the cost is high.

4, one forming wear-resistant ceramic pipe

Integral molding is to integrally fire the ceramic tube and then pour it into a steel pipe with a special filler. The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth and has good sealing performance, and has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
The full name of ceramic lining composite steel pipe.

Wear-resistant ceramic pipe features

1, good wear resistance

Ceramic composite pipe due to corundum ceramic (a-AL2O3), Mohs hardness of 9.0 is equivalent to more than HRC90. Therefore, it has high wear resistance for abrasive media conveyed by industries such as metallurgy, electric power, mining, and coal. It has been confirmed by industrial operation that its wear life is ten times or even several ten times that of hardened steel.

2, small operating resistance

SHS ceramic composite pipe is not like a convex spiral line on the inner surface of a seamless steel pipe because the inner surface is smooth and never corrodes. The inner surface roughness and clear water resistance characteristics of the relevant test units were tested. The smoothness of the inner surface was better than that of any metal pipe. The clear drag coefficient was 0.0193, which was slightly lower than the seamless pipe. Therefore, the tube has the characteristics of small running resistance and can reduce operating costs.

3, corrosion resistance, anti-scaling

Since the steel ceramic layer is (a-AL2O3), it is a neutral characteristic. Therefore, it has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, and anti-scaling properties.

4, good temperature performance and heat shock resistance

Due to the corundum ceramic (a-AL2O3), it is a single stable crystalline structure. Therefore, the composite pipe can operate normally in the long-term temperature range of -50--700°C. Material linear expansion coefficient of 6-8 × 10-6/0C, about 1/2 of the steel pipe. The material has good thermal stability.

5, the project cost is low

Ceramic composite pipes are light weight and affordable. It is 50% lighter than the cast stone tube with the same inner diameter, 20-30% lighter than the wear-resistant alloy tube, and it has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance because it has a long service life, thus supporting hanger costs, transportation costs, installation fees, and Reduce operating costs. Comparing the project budget of the design institute and construction unit with the actual project, the project cost is equivalent to the cast stone. Compared with the wear-resistant alloy pipe, the project cost is reduced by about 20%.

6, easy installation and construction

Because of its light weight and good welding performance. Therefore, welding, flanges, quick coupling, etc. can be adopted, and the construction and installation are convenient, and the installation cost can be reduced.

The above is the introduction of relevant content of wear-resistant ceramic pipes, and I hope to help you. For more information on ceramic pipes, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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