"People" is the key to the core competitiveness of the waterproof industry

In real life, on the waterproof construction site, waterproof workers often rely on their own experience for construction, seeking more and quicker solutions, and confusion in process management. There are often problems such as inadequate handling of the base layer, inadvertent attention to detailed nodes, and insufficient film thickness. In particular, during the peak season of waterproof construction, construction workers are in short supply, and private migrants are arbitrarily pulling migrant workers. They are learning in the process of construction and are not able to talk about the level of technology. Due to the lack of quality and low quality of workers in the waterproof industry, the quality of waterproofing projects is severely restricted. According to the survey data of Beijing Zero Survey Company, the leakage rate of building roofs in China reached 95.33%. It is imperative to improve the quality of workers in the waterproofing industry to change the situation where the leakage rate of buildings is high.

The waterproof industry has realized this problem. In the past two years, the China Construction Waterproofing Association has hired an international waterproof technician to open a waterproof construction training class and hold industry professional skill competitions. It has set off an industry to cultivate outstanding industrial workers, improve waterproof construction skills, and promote the quality of construction waterproofing projects. wind.

China's waterproof workers participated for the first time in the International Youth Roofing Workers' Professional Skills Competition and achieved a breakthrough of zero. This is a gratifying progress, benefiting from the importance of the waterproofing industry in the development of professional skills for industrial workers in recent years.

The World Skills Competition is a platform that allows countries to see the gap between themselves and international standards. Participating in the World Skills Contest marks the outstanding technical talents in China's waterproof industry to embark on the international stage, and is of great significance to strengthening the construction of waterproof technical personnel.

Some experts have said that through the World Skills Competition, we have discovered the gap between our skill standards and international skill standards. By discovering and understanding the gaps, we can timely revise the standards for the training of skilled personnel. After raising the standards for personnel training, the quality of the correspondingly trained personnel will increase, and we will be able to further meet the needs of economic, social, and corporate development. Waterproof vocational education is a long-term plan for the healthy development of the waterproof industry.

Industrial workers are the basic elements and important forces of economic development. They have a fundamental and fundamental role in accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, promoting technological innovation, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Keeping China's economy developing steadily and rapidly, accelerating the transition from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' and promoting the leap from 'the big industrial nation' to the 'strong industrial nation', one of the keys is to establish a high-quality industrial work force and improve modern industry. The core competitiveness.

The data shows that among the current migrant workers in urban areas, only 23% are in high school, technical secondary school and above, only 26.2% have received non-agricultural vocational skills training, and high-skilled technicians only account for 3% of skilled workers. Solving the problem of lagging vocational education and training as soon as possible is the most realistic and urgent task for migrant workers to achieve 'industrial workers'.

The first is to further expand the scale of vocational education. Effectively learn from the advanced concepts and successful experiences of vocational and technical education in developed countries such as Germany, effectively increase the attention and investment in vocational education, integrate educational resources, build an informatization training learning platform, improve the level of vocational education, and ensure that industrial workers are at the source Develop quantity and quality.

The second is to build a diversified, life-long training system for industrial workers. Fully mobilize all types of resources to form an all-round, multi-level training system for industrial workers. Rural laborers and returning migrant workers seeking employment in cities are trained to adapt to local conditions.

The third is to improve the introduction and flow mechanism of industrial advanced skilled workers. Establish a government subsidy mechanism for the shortage of vocational training funds to encourage and support enterprises to introduce urgently needed short-skilled skilled personnel according to the needs of industrial development, and to break the identity of the introduction of skilled talents, geographical restrictions, and the ownership of enterprises, for domestic and foreign, multi-channel and multi-form introduction High skilled personnel.

The fourth is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers in terms of employment, social security and wages, and create a good environment for the growth of industrial workers.

The fifth is to open up the development channels for industrial workers. We will extensively develop skills competitions, on-the-job training and technological innovation activities, and innovate policies for the evaluation of technical grades and titles of outstanding skilled workers, establish a good attitude of respecting labor, advocating skills, and encouraging creativity in the society, and create conditions for outstanding skilled workers to stand out.

Sixth, we must create a good atmosphere for respecting industrial workers in many forms. Improve the social status and political and economic treatment of industrial workers, and increase their sense of pride and honor.

The waterproof industry is known as 'three points of material, seven points of construction'. The waterproof material is a semi-finished product and must be waterproofed by the correct construction of the waterproof worker.

Release date:2015/11/2 9:40:15

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