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Dulux paints know more or less than everyone else. Dulux paint is famous for its environmental protection and health. It is rich in color, quality, environmental protection, product variety, and high-efficiency anti-corrosion. It has been recognized by consumers. However, consumers will doubtlessly have doubts about Dulux. Nowadays in the building materials market, the paint products are really enough. In the home improvement, various combinations of different colors can create different atmospheres in the home environment. . Dulux paint, as the leader of environmental clean paint brand, has always been the favorite of consumers. In the following, we will introduce how the Dulux Paint and Dulux Paint prices are introduced by Xiao Bian.

Dulux Paint Introduction

Dulux is AkzoNobel's famous architectural decorative paint brand. Its products are sold in 100 countries around the world. Every year, 50 million families worldwide use Dulux paint. The brand covers a wide range of products such as latex paints, wood lacquers, wall lacquers and brushing accessories as well as home-applied one-stop wall rejuvenation services to add color to people's lives. Dulux, colorful start!

Dulux is AkzoNobel's world-famous architectural decorative paint brand. Every year, 50 million households worldwide use Dulux paint, and paint production plants in 26 countries around the world produce more than 1.1 billion liters of paint. The products are sold in 100 countries around the world. , and has taken the lead in market leadership in many countries.

How about Dulux paint

Dulux Paint is a British brand and a world-class brand in the paint industry. Its product range includes professional interior wall paints, professional exterior wall paints, high-performance preservatives, and high-performance floor paints. With rich colors, quality and environmental protection. They have been working to reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions in the production process. The eco-friendly concept of Dulux Paint is: Environmental protection is the result of pursuing and even more persevering.

Dulux has been committed to providing consumers worldwide with better and safer environmentally friendly products. The company invested a lot of resources, innovative research and development "no added purification technology", through the control of raw material environmental quality, in the product formulation and production process does not artificially add formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC), layer purification, strict monitoring , to make environmental protection a net step.

Adding no other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to coating products has always been a technical problem in the industry. Dulux's additive-free products do not add formaldehyde and benzene, and do not add other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The above hazardous substances all meet the national undetected standards and are the highest safety and environmental protection benchmarks in the industry. In addition to the basic series, Dulux's no-add family also provides air-purifying wall paints, such as bamboo charcoal breaths, children's paints, etc., which have the ability to actively purify harmful substances in the indoor air and comprehensively protect you and your family's health.

Dulux paint advantages

1. Dulux Paint's product quality is stable, its safety is guaranteed, and it has high brand awareness;

2. Dulux paint adopts international advanced technology and the air remains clean after brushing;

3, Dulux paint has anti-corrosion, moisture-proof function, can extend the life of the paint film;

4, Dulux paint products rich in color, choice, and color stability;

5, Dulux paint does not contain lead, mercury, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, harmless to the human body.

Dulux paint prices

Dulux full-effect children's paint (without adding) Specification 5L Model A655-65000 Unit price 460 yuan/barrel

Dulux Bamboo Charcoal Respiratory Fully Effective Wall Paint (No Addition) Specification 5L Model A699-65000 Price Each 420 Yuan/Barrel

Dulux charcoal fresh house 5 in 1 wall paint specifications 5L model A895-65000 unit price 260 yuan / barrel

Dulux charcoal fresh home full effect wall paint (no added) specifications 5L model A683-65000 price of 390 yuan / barrel

Dulux anti-formaldehyde full effect wall paint (without adding) Specification 5L Model A999-65000 Price 270 yuan/barrel

Dulux anti formaldehyde 5 in 1 wall paint specifications 5L model A899-65000 unit price 210 yuan / barrel

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