Introduction to the application principle and use method of hardware vacuum valve

The hardware vacuum valve is used in the vacuum system to change the direction of the air flow, adjust the air flow, and cut or close the vacuum system components called vacuum valves. The following is a brief introduction to the vacuum valve:

The high vacuum flapper valve drive can be placed on the side, usually the height of the flapper valve is high, which has the disadvantage of occupying a large space of the device. In order to overcome this disadvantage, we have designed the drive unit on the side, which greatly shortens the height dimension of the valve and reduces the manufacturing cost of the equipment space.

High vacuum butterfly valve with high platform design

Generally, the pneumatic and electric high-vacuation butterfly valve adopts the mounting method of the bracket/connecting sleeve. The scientific design of the company directly installs the high platform, which makes the installation of the actuator simple.

Small diameter high vacuum flapper valve body is precision casting

High-tech precision casting processes and equipment enable stainless steel castings to achieve a compact structure. There are no casting defects such as 'porosity, looseness, sand inclusion'. The shape is neat and beautiful. The valve body leakage rate index is better than 10-10Pa.M3/S. Perfect for ultra-high vacuum conditions.

GYC-JQ series electromagnetic high vacuum differential pressure inflation valve has greatly improved the oil return performance

After the structure of the high vacuum differential pressure inflation valve is improved, the product performance is more reliable, and is more suitable for the mechanical vacuum pump working condition. The following three key energies have been improved: (1). The valve closing time is shortened to <0.7 seconds, which is more conducive to preventing oil return; (2). The valve opening time is slightly delayed, only the vacuum reaches a certain level. After the value, the valve can be opened. If there is no pressure difference, it will return to the normally open state; (3). The vacuum leakage rate index of the product is improved, and the original low vacuum value is raised to the high vacuum value, which can fully satisfy the high vacuum work. Requirements, for example, as a safety valve for the more demanding rotary vane pump inlet.

Unique integrated high vacuum adjustment ball valve throttle adjustment speed is superior

The integrated high vacuum regulating ball valve adopts a V-shaped orifice to make the adjustment pumping speed more superior. It is used to adjust the pumping rate of the furnace body on the main exhaust pipe of the single crystal furnace, changing the old-fashioned 'butter valve + flapper valve 'Combination.

GDC-J electromagnetic high vacuum flapper valve and DDC-JQ electromagnetic vacuum inflation valve coil will not generate high temperature for long time energization

The scientific circuit control and electromagnetic circuit design make the solenoid valve coil always work in an efficient and power-saving state. Continuous operation for 72 hours at room temperature 30 ° C coil appearance temperature ≤ 55 ° C, the product shell temperature is lower. Moreover, electronic components are not hot. This will never cause the phenomenon of burning the coil.

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