Samsung's R&D capacity is 45% and it is charged 5 times faster than graphene battery

Samsung's R&D capacity is 45% and it is charged 5 times faster than graphene battery

According to the "Korean Herald" reported on November 27th, Beijing time, Samsung Electronics announced today that the company has developed graphene battery technology that can increase the battery capacity while increasing the charging speed to five times the current standard.

Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology (SAIT) claims that this graphene-based material has a 45% higher battery capacity than currently available batteries.

Graphene is a form of carbon and is considered a perfect material for batteries because its electron mobility is about 140 times that of silicon.

Samsung claims that batteries equipped with "graphene balls" can be fully charged in 12 minutes. In contrast, existing batteries require an hour to fully fill.

Since graphene batteries can be stable up to 60 degrees Celsius, new batteries are also expected to be used in electric vehicles.

The Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology states that they have published this research in Nature Communications magazine under the title “Supporting fast charging, high volume energy density rechargeable lithium-ion battery graphene spheres” and in Korea. And the United States applied for a patent.

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