Fireproof and impact resistant polycarbonate escorts Harbin Taiping Airport

HC Plastics News: Harbin Taiping International Airport, as the hub airport of Heilongjiang Province, exceeded 16 million passengers in 2016 and is now one of the three busiest international airports in Northeast China. In 2015, in order to further carry more passenger traffic, Taiping Airport officially invested in the expansion of the T2 terminal building, which is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2017. By then, the total area of ​​the "China-Russia Far East Gateway Airport" terminal will reach nearly 230,000 square meters, meeting the needs of larger passenger throughput, and displaying it in front of passengers with a more prosperous and three-dimensional image.

Harbin Taiping International Airport

In order to simultaneously satisfy the use area and space utilization maximization, and to ensure the safety, environmental protection and aesthetics of the airport building, Taiping Airport's expansion project has adopted a highly difficult construction method for the construction of the new terminal building, which is highlighted in the design. The style of Eurotherm has made it the largest European-style building in China, and the airport is also focusing on energy-saving power supply, heating and cooling modes. These have placed higher demands on the safety, environmental protection and plasticity of building materials, and polycarbonate materials stand out in all aspects of their excellent performance and are used in the construction project of the Taiping Airport T2 terminal building.

Covestro participated in the construction of the T2 terminal awning of Taiping Airport with the industry-leading high-performance polycarbonate sheet products, and used 15mm modular cloned diffuse solid panels for the construction materials of the awning sunroof, providing the Taiping Airport expansion project. Innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Installation of Covestro polycarbonate sheet after Taiping Airport T2 terminal driveway awning

High fire resistance and high impact resistance

As a crowd-intensive public area, airport buildings have relatively high requirements for safety and robustness. Therefore, in the choice of building materials, fire and high temperature performance has become one of the most important reference standards. According to the requirements of fire protection standards for public building materials, Covestro polycarbonate sheet is far below the limit of smoke toxicity, can achieve self-extinguishing after leaving the fire, and the molten droplets will not burn, in the fireproof and high temperature resistance. Better than other materials of its kind.

At the same time, compared with other materials, the ability of the Makrolon polycarbonate sheet to withstand impact is nearly 200 times that of glass and 20-30 times that of PMMA after being subjected to the same strength impact. In addition, through accurate calculation and adjustment in the early stage, Coxtron also successfully solved the problem that the modulus of elasticity of polycarbonate is lower than that of glass, and finally solved it by increasing the thickness of the plate and adjusting the arrangement of the plates to form a safer and more reliable solution. Program.

Strong weather resistance without fear of extreme weather

At the time of design, the project originally intended to use glass film on this part. However, considering the cold winter and the temperature difference between day and night in Harbin and the high self-explosion rate of glass, it is imperative to find safe, reliable and beautiful alternative materials. Compared with polypropylene and PVC, the long-term durability of polycarbonate sheets is much higher than these materials, and their load capacity and stability can be maintained even when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures for a long time. Therefore, in the face of the special situation of Taiping Airport, Covestro polycarbonate sheet perfectly replaces the glass material, achieving long-term temperature resistance and meeting the overall project construction effect.

High light transmission for energy saving natural lighting

Covestro polycarbonate sheet also has excellent light transmission and high light transmittance stability, which can guarantee the light transmittance to drop by no more than 6% during the 10-year quality guarantee period. At the same time, the model can be used to illuminate the light to form a uniform and stable light condition. It meets the original intention of Taiping Airport to use energy-saving lighting in natural conditions. At the same time, the light environment created by the company matches the European style of the overall airport construction, which greatly enhances the aesthetics and comfort of the entire building design.

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