What services can the steel plate cutting factory provide?

What steel plate cutting mills can provide? What services can be provided by steel plate cutting and processing plants? Steel plates are a very common material in production operations. Buying a whole piece of steel from a manufacturer requires cutting as required before it can be used in manufacturing. Because many small companies do not have the ability to cut steel plates themselves,
Therefore, the purchased steel plate needs to be sent to a steel cutting factory for cutting. Of course, large steel plate cutting and processing plants can provide a lot of services, customers can choose according to their own needs.
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In a professional steel plate cutting factory, the maximum thickness of the cuttable steel plate can even reach 650 mm, the smoothness of the cut surface can be maintained at about 40 degrees, and the cutting error is about 1%. Some large structural members,
For example, the construction of more than 30 degrees can be sent to a professional cutting factory for processing. In life, for example, our common door frames, license plates, steel wall panels, etc. are all purchased in advance, and then sent to the steel plate cutting processing plant for initial processing, and then processed into finished products.

The thickness of the steel plate that can be cut by the steel plate cutting processing factory is between 6 mm and 500 mm. In addition to the ordinary steel plate, the cut steel plate can be processed into the rough part of the part according to the customer's drawings.
Some customers may transfer this drawing to the manufacturer in advance, and then cut according to the drawings. This type of cutting method is based on how much each meter of steel is used to calculate the cost.

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Traditional Shagang steel plates and Xiang steel slabs are suitable for processing in cutting factories. Manufacturers provide a variety of cutting methods, such as flame cutting, cold cutting, underwater cutting, laser cutting, etc., according to customer needs,
Or make a choice based on the nature of the material being cut.
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