Children's room with what paint good children's room paint choice

Renovation is not a simple matter, if you have children at home to pay special attention. Because children have poor resistance, they are more vulnerable to harmful harm such as formaldehyde than adults. Therefore, the choice of paint when decorating children's rooms is very important. Next, we will introduce the children's room with what paint and children's room paint options.

What kind of paint for children's room

1, Garbo Marine mud baby children's wall paint

Carpoly Paint has taken the lead in launching children's paint products in the domestic paint industry. It is the only full set of children's paint products companies that can provide latex paints and wood paints, and has become synonymous with children's paint products.

2, three trees children's health treasure paint

Three Tree Children's Health Emulsion Latex is a three-tree paint product designed specifically for children's room paint, with a full range of active oxygen antibacterial function. Low odor, zero formaldehyde, low VOC content.

3, Fen Lin children's paint children's paint

Fenlin Paint was established in 1862. At present, more than 40 countries provide brand products for civilian and industrial use, and environmental protection and color mixing is the biggest feature of Tikkurila products.

Children's room paint choice

1, the most important key to the selection of non-toxic paint and environmental protection

Children's room decoration should pay attention to ventilation, so that indoor air circulation, fresh air. For the choice of paint, be cautious, do not try to be cheap, choose good quality, and make sure there is no odor.

2, children love to paint the wall to rub

The child's energy is relatively strong, curiosity is stronger, like East touch West Mo, graffiti everywhere. Therefore, the best choice for wall paint is easy to clean and will not fall off powdered products, to prevent children from touching the body into the oral cavity after health hazards.

3, the wall is not moldy and wet nor afraid

If the living area lacks sunlight and is relatively humid, then it is necessary to choose a paint that can prevent dust and poison, and it is not easy to nourish mold. This will ensure that the home is environmentally friendly and comfortable, and the space for children’s activities will be healthier and safer.

4, furniture brush wood paint beautiful and safe

Children's room furniture should also pay attention, it is best to brush a layer of wood paint paint. Sometimes when children are used improperly, the surface paint in the wooden furniture can be damaged, and it is a pity to lose it and buy it again.

The above is the child room paint what is good and children's room paint selection of related knowledge, after reading it is not more understanding of this area! Want to know more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this site information, more exciting so stay tuned !

Paint paint brand children's room with what paint is good

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