Is Sunscreen Coating Useful?

The summer is getting hotter and hotter. Outdoors, you enter a barbecue mode. Inside is a sauna. There is no way to stay without air conditioning. This high temperature so there is a sunscreen on the market, which can be sunscreen insulation. This can make indoor not so hot, so sunscreen really useful? Followed by Xiaobian to see the relevant knowledge of sunscreen .

Is sunscreen useful?

In some sun-directed buildings, sunscreen is very much needed. In the equipment and buildings under the hot sun, due to the direct sun, the temperature increased sharply. As a result, the equipment exceeded the normal operating temperature. The increase in the temperature inside the building increased the load on the air-conditioning system, resulting in wasted energy and increased costs. Therefore, the sunscreen coating is very important, and taking certain measures to effectively reduce the transmission of solar heat will bring great benefits. The painting of thermal insulation coatings can do this.

The sunscreen coating is applied to the exterior wall of the building to provide heat insulation coating that can effectively reflect the energy of the sun. The insulation principle of the heat insulation reflective coating is mainly due to high heat reflectivity, which effectively reduces radiation heat transfer and convection heat transfer. To achieve a high thermal reflectivity, pigments with a high refractive index must be selected, and the color of the coating film can be easily achieved by using white or light colors, or by using spectrally selective materials to form a certain color. One of the keys to the formulation of colored insulating reflective coatings is the selection of black pigments with lower absorption.

The main properties of sunscreen insulation coatings are:

1. Reflect sunlight and reflect the heat from the sun so as to reduce the temperature of the roof.

2. The sunscreen coating has the same heat reflection function whether it is inside or outside the house. At the same time, because of the unique ceramic structure of the coating, the reflective heat insulation performance of the coating will not be affected by dust, etc. Impact.

3, low thermal conductivity (0.035w/mk), to prevent heat penetration into the room.

4, after the use of the sunscreen insulation coating, the summer can reduce air conditioning and cooling loss of 30% to 50%, the winter can reduce heating loss of 10% to 30%.

5, paint sunscreen insulation effect is obvious, after the completion of construction, paint insulation effect is very obvious.

Sunscreen coating prices

The price of sunscreen paint is not expensive. The market price is around 40 yuan/kg, but its relatively high cost performance can help us save the cost of summer air conditioning, electric fans, etc., as well as ease the deterioration of the environment.

The above is the price of sunscreen coating and sunscreen coating. After reading this, do you have any more information on this? Would you like to help everyone? If you want to learn more about other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site. More exciting so stay tuned!

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