There are several types of single-stage slide wire installation?

Important installation instructions:
1) Assembled suspension
Adjust the suspension bolts to ensure the straightness and horizontal parallelism error of each wire in the horizontal and vertical directions. Its value must not exceed 5mm.
2) Wire connection
The guide rail and the conductive plate are connected with an abrasive cloth to remove the chlorinated layer and wipe clean; a layer of conductive paste with a thickness of about 0.2 mm is applied to reduce the contact resistance.
3) Installation of power supply
In addition to the DHS-1600 and DHS-2000 markings, open the cable holes on both sides of the connection cover. The size of the opening is generally 2 mm smaller than the outer diameter of the cable.
DHS-1600 and DHS-2000 type slide wire, just according to the wiring diagram to determine the installation location to access.
4) Installation of the collector
The length of the tractor (general type) is determined according to the number of poles of the current collector and the installation space;
For JDT type collectors, please refer to the current collector section in this chapter. JDS type collectors are usually mounted to the collector crossbar to maintain horizontality.
After installation, loosen the limit nut and remove the limit plate so that the collector moves freely up and down.
5) Review
Check the parallelism of the sliding line and the lifting running rail, the requirement is less than 20mm, and tighten all the fasteners.
After 1 month of continuous use, tighten all fasteners once more.

Unipush is one of the most intuitive to install and easiest to produce push down technologies ever invented. By angling the long side of the panel in, the panel can be connected on the short side simply by pushing the panel down on the short side. No additional materials (e.g. inserts) or equipment are necessary to produce UNIPUSH.  
UNIPUSH - push-down technology

*Intuitive and easy to install drop down connection
*Disassembly possible
*Horizontal and vertical locking along the entire width of the panel
*No additional material (e.g. inserts) necessary to create locking
*Easy integration in existing production lines. No additional equipment necessary


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