What are the important structures of smart locks?

First, the panel
The materials used in smart lock panels on the market include: zinc alloys, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, and plastics.
Second, the lock body
The material of the lock body is mainly stainless steel, but there are also zinc alloys and iron. The lock body is mainly divided into two types: standard lock body and overlord lock body.
Third, the circuit board
The circuit board is the core of the smart lock. The quality of the circuit board will affect the performance of the smart lock.
Fourth, the motor
The motor is a smart lock powered motor that consumes very little power. When unlocking with a password or swiping card or fingerprint, you can hear the sound of the motor turning.
Five, handle
There are two kinds of long handles and round handles, you can buy different smart lock handles according to different needs.
Six, decorative ring
Decorative ring some smart lock configuration, some smart locks are not configured, equipped with decorative ring smart lock costs will be slightly higher. A smart lock with a decorative ring looks even bigger.
Seven, display
The display has a blue display and a white display, but not all smart locks are equipped with a display. Smart locks equipped with a display are more intuitive and easier to operate.
Eight, keyboard
The smart lock keyboard usually uses the reflection of light to judge the input. The keyboard light is also mainly divided into two kinds of blue light and white light. Some people think that the white light reflection will be better than the blue light, and the input will be more sensitive.
Nine, fingerprint head
There are mainly two kinds of fingerprint heads for smart locks, optical and semiconductor fingerprint heads. Generally speaking, the price of semiconductor fingerprint heads is higher than that of optical fingerprint heads. However, some optical heads with more identification points than lower-level semiconductor finger print heads. expensive.
Ten, lock core
Lock cylinder is an important factor to determine the price of a smart lock, because different levels of lock cylinder security level is not the same, the use of ultra-C lock intelligent lock to prevent technical mechanical unlocking will be more secure.
Eleven, battery slot
The current mainstream smart lock battery compartment is 4 batteries and 8 batteries.
Twelve, anti-lock knob
The anti-lock knob is basically equipped with all home smart locks.
Thirteen, slide
Smart locks are divided into two types with or without sliders (bars). Smart locks with sliders can effectively protect the intelligent operation of the smart lock (keyboard, fingerprint head, display). The occasion needs to choose.
Fourteen, Bluetooth module
This is a smart lock internet of things, some modules of the smart lock, and then with the wifi box, you can achieve smart lock of the Internet of things (it is also the most popular remote unlock in recent years, online information push, online view unlock records). However, some smart locks use different communication protocols. The part of the Internet of Things used inside smart locks will also be different.
Z-enjoy smart lock structure

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