Can the kitchen have air conditioning installed? What kind of air conditioner is better installed in the kitchen?

In summer, the hot sun burns and the earth is baked. This summer's temperature has reached 40 degrees. When lying on the ground, it can be burned. There is no air conditioning at home and it can't survive. However, when people have to leave the air-conditioned room, such as cooking, the average family kitchen is not air-conditioned, cooking in hot weather, the kitchen is like a steamer, not only hot, but also stuffy. To cook a meal, people just like to go to a sauna, sweating. Some people think that they can install air conditioners in the kitchen, but some people think that the kitchen cannot install air conditioners! Can the kitchen be equipped with air conditioning ? Let's take a look at the kitchen to install air conditioning ?

First, the opponent's comments: The best kitchen is not equipped with air conditioning

the reason:

1, the environment, the kitchen smoke, smoke, dirt and water vapor will affect the life of air conditioning; 2, the use of the problem, the kitchen air conditioning is only used when cooking, use frequency is not high, the installation of air conditioning in the kitchen is too wasteful; 3, the effect is not good, when cooking in the kitchen, people will inevitably will also open the range hood, while opening the range hood and air conditioning, soot will be the opportunity to suck the air conditioning air conditioning, resulting in general cooling effect; 4, affect the cooking When installing the air conditioner, if the air conditioner outlet facing the stove, it will affect the flame and temperature of the gas stove, thus affecting cooking.

Opponents suggest:

The air conditioning installed in the kitchen is too wasteful. You can use an electric fan directly, or use a tool called “cool fighter”. The so-called “cool fighter”, also called overhead fan, is a kind of fan module that integrates the ceiling. Installed on the ceiling, it will not affect the stove flame, but also adjust the direction of the wind, people enjoy the cool breeze while cooking.

But in fact, under the high temperature, the wind blown by the cool tyrants is also hot, can only say this point is better than nothing. This leads to another sound: the kitchen needs air conditioning!

Second, agree with Comments: It is necessary to install air conditioning in the kitchen!

Against the opponents proposed not to use air conditioning, the approvers proposed a solution!

1, can use the kitchen air conditioner. For the kitchen installation of air conditioners afraid of shortening the life of this point, some major brands, such as the United States, Gree introduced the kitchen air conditioners, some kitchen air conditioners have filtered soot, to prevent oil pollution, durable and easy to clean, etc., specifically to address kitchen fumes. Such as the use of smoke-resistant coating on the air-conditioning surface, the appearance is fully enclosed, the use of powerful filters, etc., however, such air-conditioning prices are more expensive than ordinary air-conditioning, the penetration rate is not very high.

2, install the central air conditioning or duct machine. Ducting machine is actually a small central airlift with one drag. The installation of a central air-conditioner or ducted duct can hide the internal equipment in the ceiling so that the fumes will not be easily contaminated. The internal unit can be installed in a room next to the kitchen or in a room where the fume cannot affect it, and then the air is blown into the air. kitchen!

3. Introduce cool air from other rooms. If the kitchen is adjacent to the dining room or the living room, you can also install the air conditioner in the adjacent space. When cooking, open the air conditioner in the adjacent space, open the kitchen door, close the kitchen window, and bring cool air into the kitchen!

4, install ordinary air conditioning. Although the kitchen fumes will affect the air-conditioning life, but the health is always more expensive than the machine is not it? When air conditioners are directly installed in the kitchen and are used in peacetime, they should pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance. Normally, there is no problem at least for five or six years.

About the kitchen can be installed on the air conditioning related content, Xiaobian introduced to everyone here, and hope to help everyone! People who really cook can actually feel that cooking in the kitchen in the summer is like a sauna. For a long time in such an environment, it is not good for the body. Consumers can consider whether it is necessary to install air conditioners in the kitchen in combination with specific conditions! For more information, please follow this site!

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