What kind of living room ceiling better living room ceiling material which is better

As we all know, the hall is the main place for entertaining guests and entertaining. Therefore, we should pay great attention to the dress of this area. In order to make the overall appearance look more beautiful and atmospheric, ceilings are often set. This is actually us. The ceiling is often said, its decoration can be varied, and the materials are also varied. Looking at the current ceiling market, a variety of complete and fashionable living room hangings are endless, dazzling, so what kind of living room ceiling well it? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below.

What kind of living room ceiling is good

1. Tianchi has Tianchi

Judging from the current situation, the general floor height of modern homes is about 2 meters. If this is followed by a variety of smallpox dresses, people will have a strong sense of oppression because the roof pressure is too low, so face this situation. , can be used around the low and high in the middle of the style, not only visually more comfortable, while the concave position will form a poly water Tianchi, a great benefit to the residential.

2, dim living room should install fluorescent lamps

For some halls lacking light, because the house is dark and unclear, long-term living is easy to cause depression. At this time, it is best to make up for the hidden light in the recesses of the ceiling, so that the light can be reflected from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling In addition, the light from the fluorescent lamp is closest to the sunlight, which is most suitable for living rooms lacking natural light.

3, living room ceiling chandelier should use circular

If you want to give the house a brighter vision, then the light in the hall must be abundant. If it is too dark, it will cause paralysis for the development of the business. Therefore, the choice of lamps in the ceiling of the living room is very important, preferably a round chandelier or Ceiling lights, because the circle has a full meaning of doing things, and the other color of the ceiling should be light, bright, which will help family members fortune.

Which is better for living room ceiling materials?

1, gypsum board

This kind of material, which is currently common, is very light, and it brings great convenience to the operation. Of course, the price is also affordable. For a large-area area gypsum board to decorate, ordinary families can afford the cost, and it's The decoration is strong, so the living room can use it to make the ceiling. However, this kind of material is not suitable for the ceiling material of the kitchen and toilet, and the moisture resistance is poor.

2, wood keel gypsum board

This type of material is generally suitable for use in a medium or small room. Because of its decorative features, some small rooms are more suitable and beautiful in appearance. In addition, the price is not only cheap, but also can be used in small living rooms. More flexible and easy to replace.

3, light steel keel gypsum board

For a larger room, this material is more appropriate, and its bearing capacity is stronger than ordinary materials. Therefore, if the living room needs to be fully suspended, it is recommended to use light steel keel plasterboard, without worrying about the hidden dangers of falling ceilings.

Summary: The above is good about what kind of content illustrates the living room ceiling, I believe you what kind of user for the living room ceiling has been good have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult small series .

Living room ceiling

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