Apple's patent application for automotive sensors can reduce traffic accidents by 80% [Full Text]

Technology News Phoenix Technology News According to CNBC reported on August 18, Beijing, the patent material released on Thursday showed that Apple is developing Bluetooth sensors that can help cars communicate with each other.

The Bluetooth sensor developed by Apple can scan the surrounding environment, communicate with other cars, sensors and GPS systems, update the driver's dashboard display, and display “obstacles” such as ambulances and overtaking vehicles.
The patent application material does not refer to this technology as a self-driving car, but rather compares it to an enhanced version of the parking sensor and blind spot detection system, which are now common in automobiles.
Apple's acquisition of a patent does not mean that the relevant technology will be converted into a commodity. In fact, most of the patented technologies have not been converted into commodities, and this patent may also be true.
Vehicle-vehicle communication is not a new idea. The Vehicle-Vehicle Communications Alliance was founded in 2002. For many years, Broadcom has been developing similar technologies. Qualcomm has introduced several solutions integrating Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G/4G LTE.
Apple did not comment on this. Several reasons mean that Apple still makes sense to develop such technologies.
Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, has stated that the company is investing heavily in developing autonomous systems - one major application is automotive. Apple has upgraded its CarInfo infotainment system CarPlay. With the popularity of self-driving cars, applications such as CarPlay will become more widespread.
Apple is also interested in improving wireless communication technology. Apple developed a W1 chip for the AirPods wireless headset to improve its performance. One of the inventors of Apple's patent is the iOS Bluetooth engineer. The recently closed automotive sensor company Pearl Automation, many of its employees are former Apple engineers.
If Apple really produces legendary self-owned cars, it may have to configure such vehicle-vehicle communication systems. A draft of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States requires that all vehicles must have a vehicle-to-vehicle communications system installed and that this technology can reduce the number of major traffic accidents caused by non-drunk driving by 80%. (Compile/frost leaves)

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